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Metastock 19 DC

MetaStock Daily Charts is specifically designed for traders who do their analysis after the markets close. MetaStock D/C is the most popular version and now customers have the option of using local data services again or Datalink data from the USA. Metastock DC formerly EOD, is designed specifically for swing and position traders. MetaStock Daily Charts contains powerful analysis tools so you can make informed decisions about what to buy and sell, and when to execute your trades. Whether you trade stocks, options, futures, commodities, FOREX, bonds or indices, MetaStock Daily Charts has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. We provide Local ASX, and USA Equities + World Futures and Forex data plus the range of Datalink data markets. We only use and recommend the highest quality reliable data service, we can tailor a data and software package to suit you or take a look at our exclusive, heavily discounted Traders Kit Bundles. For more information on data services for Metastock, please visit our page here

Metastock DC can be purchased outright with an annual data subscription or purchased on a monthly lease option which includes the software and one equity region of data from Datalink, plus worldwide Indices included in the monthly price. The lease plan has two options, the first is $59.00per month with the first month free or you can buy one month for $59.00 and get the next two months free. The lease options of Metastock are currently only available with Datalink data and a region of your choice. Please note the Metastock lease options are priced in $US and are available here To purchase Metastock outright with an annual data subscription, please select one of the 3 Traders kit options. These Traders Kits include the outright purchase of the latest Metastock 19 software, one Equity region of your choice for 12 months, historical data plus the worldwide indices data package plus a free copy of Unleash the power of Metastock , the Oracle 7 Metastock add-on and local friendly support to assist you along the way to profitable trading. More information is available on the Traders kit discounted bundles here The Traders kits represent great value and are our most popular package for new Metastock users. The Traders Kits are available with either Datalink annual regional data or our local premium data services covering a choice of ASX or USA Equities/Indices plus World Futures and FOREX markets.