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MetaStock is the world’s most powerful technical analysis software for traders and investors. Fully incorporating state-of-the art technology with easy to use functionality. It has been 27 years in the making, it includes more power, more features, and more tools for traders of all levels.
Whether you’re an experienced trader or just learning how – MetaStock will help you succeed. The program is sold in over 97 countries worldwide and provides an unrivalled level of accuracy that enables you to capitalise on profitable trading opportunities.


Find undervalued companies in minutes. Improve your returns by combining Fundamental & Technical Analysis. OracleSCAN is a powerful search engine that has the ability to vastly improve returns by finding stocks based on both technical and fundamental criteria. It can identify undervalued companies based on pre programmed searches, or you can build your own individual searches based around your exact investment criteria.


Providing you with the very best quality data available today. We pride ourselves on our products, support and technology. Data is essentially the fuel that feeds your analysis programs. The quality and reliability of this data is absolutely crucial. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and sourcing data is no different.

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Oracle 7

Oracle 7 is a powerful MetaStock Add-on. With seven scans and advisors designed specifically for the Australian market. Boost the power of MetaStock. A good exploration or scan should reject about 99% of the market. Oracle 7 consists of finely tuned scans that deliver precise results. These scans are based on our extensive trading experience, customer feedback and common sense and have been specifically designed with the Australian market in mind.

Oracle CHART

Charting made easy. Looking for a program to help you chart and analyse the share market? Oracle CHART is the perfect starting point. Oracle CHART is an entry level charting package created to help those starting out, or just wanting to take a more active role in their trading and investing.