Local ASX Intra-day Snapshot data 12 months.


ASX Intra-day Snapshot data service.

We are a licensed vendor for the ASX, and the data we provide comes directly from the exchange. Similarly, our Historical Database was originally purchased from the exchange.

Please Note: Intra-day Snapshot data is only available as an add-on to our standard ASX Equities/Indices/World Indices data subscription. This service is Not available as a stand alone data service.

The  ASX Intra-Day snap shot data is a 20 minute delayed snapshot of the data each hour during the day sent through from the exchange.

The first snap shot is available at 11.20am AESDST each day. If you close Metastock and do an update with OracleStocks at 11.20am, you will get the (open, high, low, close and volume @ 11.00am).The ASX exchange sends the next snapshot at 12.20pm for the 12.00 noon data, open stays the same, high, low, close and volume are updated on that one bar to reflect the 12.00 noon update.

If you do an update at say 12.45, you still get the 12.00 update,(only one snapshot per hour 20 minutes delayed) the next change is at 1.20pm for the 1.00pm data etc during the day.


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